FI Events, together with our collaborators, carry out around 15 annual events in which we take care of the integral organization of the event and trip. The idea was born thanks to the close relationship of our team with the musical world and folklore. From this passion, and in order to create a circuit of events at the international level, this aventaura began in which we offer the possibility of participating in our festivals to groups from around the world.

This is how the first event in Prague began, reaching the participation of 32 groups, thus achieving the greatest participation ever seen in an event in this city. Here we show a small gallery that collects part of our history.

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The work developed by our team is thorough and seeks the realization of events that allow a sustainable collaboration over time, creating an international network. The desire to guarantee the participation of international groups, and to allow constant dialogue between participants, is our philosophy. In this task the participation of our partner Maldiviaggi is vital, below you can see some of our promotional videos.