The Marco Polo Group was founded in 2016 with the aim of creating different incoming and outgoing touris offices around the world. The main sector is tourism based on the work of the travel agency Maldiviaggi, located in Basilicata, and consequently it has extended its ranges on other sectors, including: event mangement, project management and accomodation.

In just three years, it has positioned itself as a leader in the aforementioned areas, and still continues its growth, encouraging participation in the international socio-political life.




Maldiviaggi began as a traditional travel agency in 2005, in the historic center of Potenza, consolidating tour operating activities and experimenting with new business lines in a very short time. Since 2005, thanks to a strategic investment plan, Maldiviaggi has continued its growth, setting up a new headquarters, acquiring extremely advanced software and tools. It has consolidated partnership agreements with most important tour operators, expanding its range of services and acquiring new customer targets.

Maldiviaggi, after being awarded the best travel agency by many Italian tour operator is now an established reality that operates with great professionalism in the travel and tourism industry. It is a reliable partner for both retail customers and business customers, offering personalized and highly qualified services.




YES School, together with Maldiviaggi, is part of the Marco Polo Srls group, the main activity is organization of language training and courses, with specific attention to the English language. Founded in 2009, offers its students excellent opportunities to improve their language skills, thanks to the support of native English-speaking teachers who develop educational programs.




Business Innovation Training is an unique educational center where you can develop your competencies and face the future endeavours:

Online University degree, Linguistic Certification, EIPASS, ISO quality certification, e-learning preparation and many others.